My Story
When I was 12 years old, the girl I liked asked me point blank why I was so scrawny.

Since I had never thought of myself as scrawny, or given it much thought at all, I didn't quite know how to answer.

But something snapped in me that day.

From that day on, anytime my mom would make dinner, my first question would be "Will this help me build muscle?"

Of course her answer was always "yes" so I would clean my entire plate.

After that, I'd go downstairs and do as many push-ups as I could.

Whenever my family would eat candy bars at night, I would eat carrot sticks.

Whenever there was a commercial break, I was doing crunches on the floor in front of the TV.

Later that month, after my dad saw that this was something I was passionate about (obsessed with) he decided to take me to the gym with him.

I fell in love.

It was that love that got me through the next 10 years, even though I was seeing very little progress from my hard work.

It was quality time with my dad (and the girls at the gym were a plus for a 14 year old boy).

Fast forward 10 years, when I was returning home from the Navy, I had actually managed to get a little chubby.

Dare I say, skinny fat.

Living in a submarine for months at a time for 4 years will do that to just about anybody.

Nonetheless, I decided to commit to working towards a fitness show and I hired my first coach.

It was also around this time that I decided to start studying to become a personal trainer, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life.

With the help of my coach, the hours spent studying for my certification, and my unwavering passion to learn as much as I could to help me win my first show, I figured out why I had spent the last 10 years spinning my wheels.

Since finally getting the results I've always so badly wanted and going Pro as a Men's Physique Athlete, I've made it my mission to help as many people as I can take their physique to a whole new level.

Since becoming a dad to a beautiful little girl, my focus has been geared mostly towards busy parents because I now understand the struggles.

If you're a busy dad or mom looking to FINALLY get the results you've always wanted, don't hesitate to reach out.

It just may be the best decision you ever make.
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